We will continue to do what we can do because we are us.


We at Nippon Fiber are committed to the realization of a sustainable society,We will work as a company on five of the 17 goals.

Nippon Fiber supports the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

  • Energy for Everyone and Clean

    Used cloth and fiber scraps from processing are all used as a heat source for felt production, hot water supply, heating, and other purposes. This is a useful tool for energy-saving and eco-friendly efforts.

  • Job satisfaction and economic growth.

    We will create job satisfaction and economic growth through an endless cycle of adding value to used clothes around the world and delivering them to regions where there is demand.

  • Creating a town where people can continue to live.

    We aim to play a role in realizing a sustainable society by passing on used clothes to the next generation, rather than throwing them away.

  • Energy for Everyone and Clean

    We will work to improve awareness of responsibility and choice by raising awareness of the cycle between the business that makes clothes and the consumers who buy and use them, and the cycle that follows.

  • Achieve your goals through partnerships!

    We will work toward the realization of a sustainable society in cooperation with consumers to achieve goals that cannot be achieved by Nippon Fiber alone.

We will continue to breathe new life and value into the resources of clothing and textiles, while striving for a rich harmony between people's lives and global environmental conservation.


Establish 100% recycling of used cloth through the coordination of three business developments.